Our Team

John Cahill – Sr. Editor
Email: john@insurancemarketresearch.com
Phone No: +1 912-247-4302

John is a serial entrepreneur and is sophisticated in the healthcare industry. He is well-known for his quick-learning techniques. He has worked for eleven years as a writer and editor. John is sound at representing the rollouts from the healthcare sector since it’s his area of interest. He also covers various segments from the healthcare sector like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, new tools, and equipment in the field etc. He is very good in games also. He loves to play badminton and chess.

Michael Paliotta – Editor
Email: michael@insurancemarketresearch.com
Phone No: +1 912-247-4302
Michael has been in the field of writing authentic news over the past four years. He has an in-depth knowledge of the business sector, science. His educational background of science and journalism has proffered him with a broad base. He prefers to furnish news and crunches from the business sector. Michael mainly focuses on energy, finance, raw materials, capital goods, and the world economy. He has also done master’s in business and analytics, therefore, having a good knowledge of the marketing industry.

Tom Taxon – Author and Contributor
Email: tom@insurancemarketresearch.com
Phone No: +1 912-247-4302
Tom started his career as a freelancer. Thereafter, he has been working for many companies in the market. Tom has written many articles, research studies etc. throughout his career. He is rigorous in the field of technology. He is a tech guy and likes to study the new comings in the global technology market. Tom has a thorough knowledge of sub-segments of technology like the automotive industry, electronic market, communications, smartphones, and gadgets. You may see him covering this type of articles.